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Learn Turkish Online for Free

Distance Turkish Teaching Project You can sign up for free by July 31, 2017 MODULE ACTIVITIES: teaches you Turkish with thematic and real life topics. VOCABULARY and VIDEO Activities : provide examples from daily life in the activities for you to establish a relationship with real life SUPPORTED ACTIVITIES: The texts you have written and

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Curs Limba Turca -Yunus Emre Enstitüsü – Bucuresti

Au inceput inscrierile pentru cursurile de limba turca.  Cine mai vine? 🙂 Cursurile au loc in cadrul Institutului Cultural Turc din Bucuresti, pe parcursul a 3 luni aproximativ, iar costul total (din cate am inteles, pentru ca inca nu am inceput cursul) este de 330 ron.   Mai multe informatii gasiti pe pagina de facebook https://www.facebook.com/yeebukres/ 

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